Enes Smith

Conference Speaker Enes Smith

Enes Smith is a #1 best selling author of thrillers - one of which was optioned for a feature film. As he began writing, he was eventually asked to speak, so he combined his thriller imagination ("Fatal Flowers will make The Silence of the Lambs seem almost tame." -Ann Rule) with his knowledge of human behavior and body language. 

He has been entertaining audiences for over 25 years. With his powerful message on how to read people, how to project likeability and build trust with clients - he enthralls with his storytelling to make a point - close sales, make friends, and project trust.

Enes Smith's straight from the heart, passion and high energy presentations - transforms audiences to step beyond their limitations and into their future with the ability to win - to read people for success in business and personal life. Enes is invited back again and again, presenting to diverse businesses as international confectioners, medical groups, insurance and banking groups, to casinos and many more. His words motivate people to take action like never before with information they will use right away.

The "One Minute Lie Detector," The Body Language of Like," and the Body Language of Trust" are available as keynote speeches - fun and informative and very entertaining - or combined into focused training, for your next national, international, or regional event, conference or banquet. Be that person people are attracted to . "We buy from people we like."  

  • Speaker for over 25 years (Masterful Storyteller!)
  • A life of studying human behavior - reading people to stay ahead
  • Author of thrillers, including a #1 best seller optioned for a feature film (Cold River Rising)
  • Homicide detective at age 30
  • Races motorcycles to relax
  • The day after graduating from high school, Enes toured the country with a band, ending in New York
  • A passion for life and presenting on the stage to transform your group