• Make your Event or Sales Meeting a Success
    with Enes Smith

    #1 Bestselling Author and Masterful Storyteller

    “The One Minute Lie Detector"

    Have you ever wanted to tell if someone is lying? For business, for sales, for personal life. From Enes Smith’s casino training program, now for every business. Learn to quickly recognize subtle cues to deception. And equally important – learn to recognize the signals you send to others. Most businesses have good products – the key to success is trust. The presentation is fun, informative, and immensely entertaining. An audience favorite. 



    “The Body Language of Like”

    When you meet someone for the first time, how do they see you? Learn the powerful signals of “The Body Language of Like,” signals you show in less than a second - in a business meeting, with a sales client, or a social gathering.

    If each sales person achieved only one additional sale per month by increasing "likability," what would that mean? (Number of sales personnel X 12!!) With increased "likability" the sky is the limit! At the end of 2018, don't say, "I wish our sales staff had acquired this knowledge at the beginning of the year!

You never get a second chance to make a first impression!
We buy from people we like!